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Are you fascinated with all things Asian? Looking for an interesting alternative to the usual tourist destinations? Why not try one of Wandering Wok’s day tours!

Wandering Wok Tours has been dedicated to exploring the wonderful world of Asian food for over 15 years. We can show you how to explore the delights of Asia right here in Perth, Western Australia. Whether you only have a few hours to spare, or prefer to wander leisurely through Northbridge’s cultural precincts, Wandering Wok has a tour just right for you.

Chinatown Discovery Tour

Whether you are a local living in Perth, or a visitor to this fine city, this half day tour exploring Northbridge and Chinatown’s best Asian fare and produce is a must for you!

Northbridge Triangle Tour

Discover Northbridge through this half day tour of its colourful grocers. Europe meets Asia as we stroll through the wonderful and taste tempting food oulets in this area.

Chinatown Express

In a bit of a hurry? Haven’t got time to eat? This is the perfect tour for you. Spend two hours exploring this fascinating area of Northbridge, Western Australia.


Deluxe Culinary Journey To Goa

Join Wandering Wok Tours on this 17 day culinary journey through Goa. Goa is unique to India and not only have the Portuguese had a great influence here, but also because of its position on the coast it has a cuisine which encompasses the flavours of Africa, Malaysia, Brazil and even China.

Goa, at the south-west corner of India, has a remarkable history, including 500 years as a Portuguese outpost. The influence of the Portuguese can be seen in the exquisite, crumbling architecture: in the east-meets-west cuisine which combines coconut milk, palm vinegar and chillies with the refined flavours of Lisbon.